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Hansa Toys Stuffed Animals

Realistic, Life-Like, Life-Size & Gift Size
 Store Reviews
Everyone is very helpful
Patricia Ruzic
Dearborn, MI

Great products!
Aaron Martinez
Bennet, NE

It was very easy to select an item and order. Item shipped quickly and arrived safely.

I'm an graphic designer professionally but my hobby and passion is sewing bears and other soft toys, I was so impressed with how beautiful your designs are - in every little detail. True to form and and depiction. Absolutely love Hansa!! Thanks so much! : )
Sue Thurber
Salt Lake City, UT

Fast delivery and beautiful plush animals!
Deanne Lopes
Philadelphia, PA

Shipping was extremely fast and accurate. Extremely pleased.
Rebecca Gregson
Lagrange, KY

Every time I call the Hansa people, they always answer my questions. When I hang up, I feel as if I just finished talking to a friend.
Linda Vaughan
Fishers, IN

My order arrived quickly, and the items are correct. Maybe you could wrap each guinea pig in a separate piece of tissue paper instead of all three in one sheet. This might help them from getting squished since they came in a mailing envelope rather than a box.
Elizabeth Black
Henrico, VA

Their customer service is wonderful. I felt like I made a new friend every time I talked to them.
Linda Vaughan
Fishers, IN

They were very helpful and knew just what look I was trying to achieve.
Linda Vaughan
Fishers, IN

They were helpful when something ended up being back ordered- Wish I would have known about the backorder ahead of time, but the issue was taken care of.
Jenn Higgins
Milwaukee, WI

Hansa staff are very courteous and helpful. Questions were addressed in a timely manner. Our bear was well wrapped and protected from any damage during shipping. The bear arrived quickly and on time. We LOVE Hansa Toy Store, thank you!!!
Donna Dotti
Rocklin, CA

We like the store. However, shipping was another matter. The box (big) arrived in Houston on 12/5 and then disappeared. Eventually I called UPS and complained. They started searching and found the Unicorn. It finally arrived on 12/15. Our daughter's birthday was 12/6. We actually got her a different toy because we feared the Unicorn would not show up on time. She will get the Unicorn for Christmas.
Peter Schaeffer
Houston, TX

My two purchases arrived quickly and well-packaged. They are beautiful and very well-made.
Amy Graf
Ann Arbor, MI

Quick service!
Georgina Jordan
Pawleys Island, SC

Fast delivery of awesome toy!
Retta Lewis
Fremont, IN

Excellent service. We are very pleased.
Janet Huston
Scotia, NY

Hansa Toy is a pleasure! My order was shipped immediately and I am very happy with the quality and realistic nature of these beautiful plush animals! Highly recommend!
Sharon Gilsenan
Ridgewood, NJ

Hansa is just absolutely amazing!!! Very convincing of their realistic looking plush animals!!! I even ask friends the questionable quote when showing pictures ' Is it real!? Or is Hansa!?' My answer to the company's quote its not just Hansa! It's the most incredible and the most inspiring of all! I give this company the highest rating you ever could give in this world! 100% Highly recommended !!!
May O\'Halloran

great service
mirali zarrabi
Beverly Hills, CA

Overall this is a great store: fast delivery and high-quality product. I will come back to buy something else again.
Ruoqi Zhang
Brooklyn, NY

The Hansa folks are great, I love that you get rewarded with purchases. Thank you.
Cindy Lint
Omaha, NE

Amazing service and super fast shipping. I am about to order more animals right now! Hahaha
angelina farina
pasadena, CA

The best and most helpful store for plush toys I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. Exemplary customer service ben by the high standards I've come to take for granted in New York.
D J Rout
Orlando, FL

The folks at Hansa Toy Store were amazing, filling a huge and unusual order for me very quickly and then figuring out how to ship it all to Hong Kong! Excellent service. The quality of the animals is just superb.
Elizabeth Blurton
Brooklyn, NY

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