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Hansa Toys Stuffed Animals

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Hansa Toys
Realistic, Life Size, Ride-On, and Gift Size Stuffed Animals

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Hansa Toys Stuffed Animals: by Collection

International Shipping
Hansa Toys Stuffed Animals

Attention customers in other countries, we are specialists at shipping our toys, including our Life Size animals, out of the USA. We regularly ship our animals to private collectors, corporate display designers, schools, theatre, television, and movie production companies, and even museums in countries throughout the world including Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We are experts at dealing with customs and freight companies!

If you have questions about getting your Hansa animals out of the USA to your country, visit our International Shipping Page, call us direct at
+1 516.665.2730, or send us an e-mail to cs@HansaToyStore.com.
Hansa Toys Product Reviews
by Verified Customers

Hen White 16'' (4172)

Reviewed on 05/26/2016 by Tamara Kempton
Very very soft and cuddly! Amazingly detailed with a very fluffy bum, just like real chickens. I love her! I definitely recommend this one if you want to cuddle and play with the hansa bird and chicken toys, she's the softest out of the lot. Her wings come up too! Posable feet for standing.

Houbara Bustard Bird16.5'' (5419)

Reviewed on 05/26/2016 by Tamara Kempton
Got a little bent in transit because of less than favorable packaging, was put into a cardboard box stuffed with the others, with no padding and the tail and wing was bent awkwardly out of shape. it still stands and looks really amazing! It's missing a little detail on the eyes as shown but I am very happy with this purchase, the materials are stunning and the details into them is awesome! Amazing craftsmanship.

Dodo Bird (5139)

Reviewed on 05/26/2016 by Tamara Kempton
Cutest little bird, very glad I bought this! Very soft and cuddly and very cute. The fabric on the face is really detailed and toned for realism. The white tummy fabric and the grey feather blend in perfectly and there's no visible seams or stitches, very realistic! Wings are soft and can be played with, posable feet! Highly recommend!

Rooster Large 18'' (4170)

Reviewed on 05/26/2016 by Tamara Kempton
Gorgeous rooster, stands tall and proud! The tail is really cool and bendable, same as his comb. Amazingly detailed and soft! Wings do not come up but you can brush your hands under. Posable feet and toes, tail and comb! No visible seams or stitches! Amazing craftsmanship, full of different materials for realism and has a fluffy bum, very impressive!

French Hen Black and White 12'' (5620)

Reviewed on 05/26/2016 by Tamara Kempton
Super detailed and adorable! While not super cuddly, is soft. Very accurate bird and is so charming with its wattles and fluffy bum and tail. I adore it! The detail in the black striped feathering is amazing, you can brush them softly. She has toned feathers around her neck and wings so it just looks really realistic! Her wings are movable, letting you pet the fluffy feathers underneath, and her feet are poseable also! No visible stitch marks or seams, impeccable craftsmanship! I really recommend this Hansa product, she's small and really brightens up the room.

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Life Size Stuffed Animals
made by Hansa Toys

Our Life Size collection of plush animals are uniquely suited to create a "WOW" evoking reaction to all who see them. Real "head turners" that they are, our lifelike stuffed animals will continue to attract attention, and be the main topic of conversation for years to come. As props for theater, television, and movie productions, Hansa stuffed animals have no equal. Their realistic appearance will convince even the most scrutinizing onlookers.

If you have questions about any of our Life Size plush animals, from our loveable Huskies, to our cuddly (really?) Polar Bears, or even our 16' tall Giraffe, call us toll free at 844-484-TOYS (8697) or +1 516.665.2730, or send us an e-mail to cs@HansaToyStore.com. And, Yes! we can ship all of these wonderful animals to anywhere in the world!
Ride-On Stuffed Animals
made by Hansa Toys

The animals in our Ride-On collection feature an internal structural metal frame. These life-size pieces have exceptionally strong, yet lightweight, frames that provide ride-on experiences for children of all ages (up to 150 pounds).

Animals with these structural metal frames are generally pose-able, as their heads can be turned - and arms, wings and legs raised - to simulate movement. Select Hansa animals have turning heads, which make them come alive. The articulated heads accent these animals and bring out their soulful eyes, giving them a realism that mirrors the animal in its natural habitat, and provide endless hours of joy.

Shop Ride-On's or call toll free 844-484-TOYS (8697) or +1 516.665.2730 for more information or assistance with your purchase.

Portraits in Nature: Realistic Stuffed Animals by Hansa Toys

Welcome to the world of North America Hansa Toys, a unique collection of hand crafted, highly realistic, very cuddly plush toys representing animals from around the world. We are known and respected for our close-to-nature reproductions of the world's best loved animals. See how Hansa plush animals are made.

HansaToyStore carries the largest selection of Hansa stuffed animals available anywhere - the complete line including our Gift Size, Life Size, and Ride-On collections! Only here can you find every Hansa plush animal, from the tiny Tarsier to the life size Giant Wooly Mammoth! Read about us here.

Outstanding Customer Service
provided by HansaToyStore

We work continuously to make sure that every one of our customers has the best possible shopping experience. From helping to select the perfect gift for someone to finding the piece that's just right for your own collection, we'll work with you on the phone, on-line, or via e-mail.

Are you considering using Hansa plush animals as props in a theater production, or on a television or movie set? Call us to make sure that the plush animals you are considering are right for the job. Need your order delivered FAST? In many cases, we can deliver your order on the SAME DAY or you can pick it up at one of our warehouses in CA or NY!

If you need your order gift wrapped, and sent directly to your recipient, or if you absolutely must have it Today, we'll make it work! Call us toll free at 844-484-TOYS (8697) or
+1 516.665.2730
, or send us an e-mail to cs@HansaToyStore.com.
What Our Customers Are Saying
about our legendary customer service

The Hansa products are amazing! They're the best plush toys on the market with a huge product list, including animals I hadn't even heard about! They're all lovingly hand-crafted and detailed, with information on the factory they're created in, as well as the process gone into making the products. I'll be buying from this store frequently! Shipping was a little unfavourable with the products I ordered all stuffed into the box without any form of padding, and one got a little out of shape but was fixed with some effort. Otherwise fast and reliable shipping with accurate tracking! Easily one of my favourite stores ever as I am a big soft-toy collector. Very satisfied!
Tamara Kempton
The animals are so real looking and they add so much character and d├ęcor to a room!!
Tammy-Lynn Oleksyn
I plan on shopping here more often the kids love what they get from here and I fall in love with them also.
Cheryl Fairbanks
Norwich, NY
Prompt service
Joanna Faraday
Southbury, CT
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Hansa Toys Product Safety
Safety Matters

All Hansa animals are handcrafted using only new materials and comply with International safety standards EN71, ASTMF 96386, AS1647, BS5665.

The Recommended age for Hansa animals is 3 years and up to comply with ASTM93 safety standards.