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HANSA -  Pekenese Dog (4137) HANSA - Pekenese Dog (4137)
Submitted 01/18/2022 by A Cope

"Super cute Pekingese. Soft and friendly. Excellent quality."

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Ermine (4860) Ermine (4860)
Submitted 01/16/2022 by Lauren Ashley

"My son loves animals, especially ones that aren’t as frequently found in stuffed animal form, so he was beyond excited to peruse your selection of plush animals, and he absolutely loves his new ermine, Ermy. The quality is fantastic!"

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Emperor Tamarin (4117) Emperor Tamarin (4117)
Submitted 01/11/2022 by Alison Dabell

"Such good quality, fantastic product"

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Lemur, Madagascar (4209) Lemur, Madagascar (4209)
Submitted 01/11/2022 by Alison Dabell

"Absolutely beautiful product, great quality & life like"

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Jaguar Cub Black 6.5"L (7289) Jaguar Cub Black 6.5"L (7289)
Submitted 01/07/2022 by Heather

"Beautiful and realistic. He has really soft fur and cute. This is the stuffy my daughter chooses to snuggle with at night."

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Lop Eared Bunny (4836) Lop Eared Bunny (4836)
Submitted 01/07/2022 by Heather

"I love this rabbit. I bought it for my one year old but I think I should have bought for myself. It is just the most beautiful little rabbit. My daughter hugged and kissed it when she opened it, I think she loves it too."

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Mouse, White German (5323) Mouse, White German (5323)
Submitted 01/07/2022 by Heather

"This little guy was the only toy my daughter specified she wanted for Christmas. He did not disappoint! He looks so realistic and due to the positioning of his hands she can place little trays of play food on him and he can hold them up. "

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Lemur, Mouse (5216) Lemur, Mouse (5216)
Submitted 01/07/2022 by Heather

"Perfectly made. He is for a birthday gift that has not been opened yet but I was very impressed at the quality and shading done on the lemur. "

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Cheetah, Cub Young (2992) Cheetah, Cub Young (2992)
Submitted 01/05/2022 by Nancy Bussewitz

"The cheetah cub arrived in good time for Christmas, so shipping time was excellent. However, I am disappointed in its appearance, as there is a very discernable seam across the forehead. I don't see this seam at all in the advertisement photo, so I'm disappointed that there is one. I will include a photo so you can see this. Other than the seam across the top of its face, it is very charming."

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Polar Bear Cub Medium Standing (5257) Polar Bear Cub Medium Standing (5257)
Submitted 01/05/2022 by Debra Weisner

"Absolutely LOVE , well made, sweet expression inspires a smile...I even came back for a 2nd one."

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