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HANSA - Muskrat (5201) HANSA - Muskrat (5201)
Submitted 12/01/2019 by Paula Ochs

"Very realistic and unusual plush toy"

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HANSA - Emu, LIFE SIZE (2676) HANSA - Emu, LIFE SIZE (2676)
Submitted 11/22/2019 by Judy Smith

"Thank You for the beautiful full size Emu. the only thing that could have made it better is if he had the wings so they stuck husband who is fighting stage four Pancreatic Cancer just loved him. if I knew how to send you his video reaction I would. he was overjoyed. thank you!"

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HANSA -  Yorkshire Terrier (5900) HANSA - Yorkshire Terrier (5900)
Submitted 11/19/2019 by carol duster

"This is a great little 'stuffie'. My granddaughter will be thrilled since it looks a lot like her doggie. Hansa products are the best, realistic, stuffed animals you can buy!!!!"

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Lemur, Mouse (5216) Lemur, Mouse (5216)
Submitted 11/14/2019 by Kate Brautigam

"This is the cutest animal I've purchased so far!"

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Lion Male Standing 8''         (5771) Lion Male Standing 8'' (5771)
Submitted 11/14/2019 by Kate Brautigam

"Very realistic looking."

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Tiger Cub White 6.5"L (7287) Tiger Cub White 6.5"L (7287)
Submitted 11/14/2019 by Kate Brautigam

"The little face on this cub is adorable!"

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Sheep Mama Black 16'' (3453) Sheep Mama Black 16'' (3453)
Submitted 10/30/2019 by carol duster

"I bought this for my granddaughter but I am thrilled to have Mama Sheep living in our home until Christmas! She is absolutely the best made and most realistic 'stuffie' on the market. My dearest friend bought the Mama White Sheep (for three times this price in Australia) and carried it all the way home to have as a focal point in her living room (and for her grandchild to enjoy while visiting). So the question is: will I need to buy a second one after Christmas when Mama Sheep leaves? The answer is YES!!!! Absolutely!!"

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Cheetah, Cub Young (2992) Cheetah, Cub Young (2992)
Submitted 09/11/2019 by Lisa Crum

"Another stunner from hansa. Love this beautiful cat! Gorgeous!"

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Beaver, Mama (3841) Beaver, Mama (3841)
Submitted 09/11/2019 by Lisa Crum

"Just beautiful, as hansas always are, charming, beautifully made, lovely critter!"

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Goose Mother 18'' (3709) Goose Mother 18'' (3709)
Submitted 08/10/2019 by Hedy McClelland

"Well made toy. Sturdy and delightful to look at. Very realistic."

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