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Paint Pony Horse Ride-On (3772) Paint Pony Horse Ride-On (3772)
Submitted 10/18/2018 by Peter Schaeffer

"The Hansa Paint Pony Horse Ride-On (3772) is amazingly big and amazingly good. The colors and fur texture are both quite impressive. It is very realistic and solidly built. The Paint Pony is also reasonably light. I feared it would be very hard to lift and move. Not so. It probably weighs 20 pounds of so. Overall, we love it. This is our fourth Hansa toy. So far we have a Tiger, Unicorn, Kangaroo, and Pony. They are all great decorations for kid rooms. "

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Chimp, Junior (4960) Chimp, Junior (4960)
Submitted 10/09/2018 by Linda Barnard

"Have many Hansa stuffed animals. I am never disappointed. Love them all."

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Ferret on All 4's Brown (6310) Ferret on All 4's Brown (6310)
Submitted 09/27/2018 by Lynn Dodson

"I needed this to look as real as possible and as life size as possible! I am in love with this!!! I adore it! Its perfect to dsply my costumes on as a maniquin for my business! it's beautiful to look at and very realistic, thank you!"

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Raccoon Standing (5181) Raccoon Standing (5181)
Submitted 08/09/2018 by scott kemler

"One of my favorites, just wish it were like 5 times bigger!"

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German Shepard Puppy (3995) German Shepard Puppy (3995)
Submitted 08/09/2018 by scott kemler

"I love the eyes on this dog. Looks like my dog a bit. It's larger than most of the other plush animals I have."

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Wolf, Cub Seated (4291) Wolf, Cub Seated (4291)
Submitted 08/09/2018 by scott kemler

"Good quality and looks great! "

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Fox, Red Lying (4765) Fox, Red Lying (4765)
Submitted 08/09/2018 by scott kemler

"Mine looks just like the image shown. Very soft and well made. No wire or support in limbs, as it is not a standing version. I love it!"

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Buffalo, Life Size (4883) Buffalo, Life Size (4883)
Submitted 07/23/2018 by joseph chisholm

"The quality of the buffalo is amazing.The shipping company and the driver that brought him couldn't stop talking about him.Top notch product."

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Otter, Up on 2 feet (3814) Otter, Up on 2 feet (3814)
Submitted 07/12/2018 by Ryan

"Exceptional quality, very realistic. Thank You!"

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Otter, River (3813) Otter, River (3813)
Submitted 07/04/2018 by Aaron Martinez

"Kids love it. "

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