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Cricket 13.8" (8064) Cricket 13.8" (8064)
Submitted 06/20/2022 by Ryan LoCascio

"This cricket was amazing. Everybody loves it. 10/10 would cricket again"

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HANSA Life-Size Sheep (3595) HANSA Life-Size Sheep (3595)
Submitted 06/10/2022 by suzanne diamond

"love it"

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Hansa Red Fox Laying 15in (6087) Hansa Red Fox Laying 15in (6087)
Submitted 05/21/2022 by Lisa Golubiewski

"I squealed with delight when I received this fox. She is so realistic and beautiful that I am expecting her to come to life at any moment."

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Fox 15.75 inch (Red, Standing) - 4699 Fox 15.75 inch (Red, Standing) - 4699
Submitted 05/13/2022 by Rachel Cayen


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Ferret, Brown (4556) Ferret, Brown (4556)
Submitted 05/03/2022 by Shana in Chicago

"Simply outstanding! This was a gift for a dear friend who loves ferrets but doesn't want a real one because of their short life spans. This is the perfect ferret for her. Absolutely realistic and as curious-looking as the real thing! Bravo once again, Hansa Creations!"

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Fox Floppy (6990) Fox Floppy (6990)
Submitted 04/27/2022 by Shana in Chicago

"Incredible! This fox perches on the back of my Chesterfield couch, and I now have to warn people before they enter that he's not a real fox. Otherwise they're terrified. Unbelievable quality! Well worth the price!"

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Black Bear Keychain 7" (7997) Black Bear Keychain 7" (7997)
Submitted 04/26/2022 by shawna ellcey

"Fast delivery and lovely product "

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Pallas Cat Puppet (7519) Pallas Cat Puppet (7519)
Submitted 04/25/2022 by A. Brainerd

"This lovely Pallas cat puppet is actually nicer than the photo on the Hansa website. The puppet I received has feet that aren’t shown on the site. I am delighted with it and I hope to purchase the Pallas cub when it is back in stock."

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Rabbit, Baby White (3313) Rabbit, Baby White (3313)
Submitted 04/05/2022 by Nancy

"if this baby white rabbit doesn't make you smile, nothing will. Very good quality too."

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Opossum 12" (8041) Opossum 12" (8041)
Submitted 03/30/2022 by Elliott Boswell

"This is such an amazing product. So realistic. The fact that it comes with armature wire already inside was such a surprise. I'm a Props Master for TV and movies and needed this for a scene with a opossum. I'm including photos of how I slightly altered it for the scene. Thank you."

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