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Goose Mother 18'' (3709) Goose Mother 18'' (3709)
Submitted 08/10/2019 by Hedy McClelland

"Well made toy. Sturdy and delightful to look at. Very realistic."

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Lynx Cub (7505) Lynx Cub (7505)
Submitted 08/08/2019 by Beverly Lanfear

"OMG looks real! I couldn't believe it when I opened the package up! I purchased this for my 3 year old granddaughter's recent 4th birthday. She wanted a real bobcat! Needless to say she thinks the Lynx is a bobcat. HOMERUN! She loves it!"

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Weasel (3147) Weasel (3147)
Submitted 07/17/2019 by CBaker

"I was so happy to find a weasel plush animal, and this one is so nicely made and very cute. "

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Raccoon Standing (5181) Raccoon Standing (5181)
Submitted 07/03/2019 by John VanDeWoestyne

"A extremely well made product, solidly constructed. Very lifelike. Just wish they made one a little bigger. Fast delivery. "

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Blue Butterfly 5.5" (6552) Blue Butterfly 5.5" (6552)
Submitted 06/01/2019 by Carrie Quick

"Very cute butterfly and was exactly as I expected it to be."

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Snail 9" (5960) Snail 9" (5960)
Submitted 06/01/2019 by Carrie Quick

"Realistic and well-made. Exceeded my expectations."

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Wolf, Cub Standing (4292) Wolf, Cub Standing (4292)
Submitted 05/28/2019 by Naidine Adams

"The wolf cub is dear: just what the birthday girl asked for, I hope. I wish the nose weren't made of plastic, but otherwise am very pleased."

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Cheetah, Cub Young (2992) Cheetah, Cub Young (2992)
Submitted 05/21/2019 by Rilla Abrell

"What a sweetie. Very huggy and cute. Real looking."

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Lynx, Iberian 17'' (5158) Lynx, Iberian 17'' (5158)
Submitted 05/21/2019 by Rilla Abrell

"Very cute Lynx. It looks so real, I would be afraid if it moved."

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Tiger Cub Large Seated (4330) Tiger Cub Large Seated (4330)
Submitted 05/21/2019 by Rilla Abrell

"This Tiger is really cute and will do what my other Tiger says. Real like life."

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