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Fox, Red Lying (4765) Fox, Red Lying (4765)
Submitted 10/19/2021 by MamaJ

"He is a very good representation of a fox and will bring delight to the Christmas recipient."

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HANSA - Timber Wolf, Life Size (5496) HANSA - Timber Wolf, Life Size (5496)
Submitted 10/14/2021 by Judy Miller

"Beautiful, realistic wolf"

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Black Crow 12.1"L (6266) Black Crow 12.1"L (6266)
Submitted 10/13/2021 by Lori Rumpf

"I love my new crow! He's perfect for October! I've always loved black birds. I tend to be on the side of the underdog and find that many black birds are misunderstood. But crows are very intelligent and I think they're beautiful, too! The only thing I would change about this guy is to perhaps make him a tad larger. Thanks, Hansa, for another wonderful creation!"

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Raccoon Standing (5181) Raccoon Standing (5181)
Submitted 10/10/2021 by Charles Stewart

"Adorable, very well constructed - my friend is very, very happy with her new raccoon!"

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Cheetah Puppet 12.7" (7503) Cheetah Puppet 12.7" (7503)
Submitted 10/06/2021 by Dondi Sanders

"My daughter just loves this so much! Very nice!"

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Philippine Eagle (7368) Philippine Eagle (7368)
Submitted 10/05/2021 by Susan from NYC

"Love this eagle. Beautiful ly made and very realistic."

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HANSA - Possum -  Leadbeaters (6020) HANSA - Possum - Leadbeaters (6020)
Submitted 10/05/2021 by julie gardner

"Adorable little guy with a sweet bushy tail."

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Snow Leopard Keychain (6917) Snow Leopard Keychain (6917)
Submitted 10/05/2021 by julie gardner

"So little and detailed, really cute."

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Tarsier - New Jacquard 6" (6913) Tarsier - New Jacquard 6" (6913)
Submitted 10/05/2021 by julie gardner

"Great for Halloween, so cute too!"

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Cat Standing, Creme (6434) Cat Standing, Creme (6434)
Submitted 10/05/2021 by Sandra Dolan

"As with all Hansa products, the quality of this item was outstanding. Very sweet and well captured."

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