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Panda Cub,  Mei Ling (4859) Panda Cub, Mei Ling (4859)
Submitted 05/25/2018 by Marian Siegel

"Cute but not as striking as your other animals"

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Squirrel, Gray on all 4's (4840) Squirrel, Gray on all 4's (4840)
Submitted 05/25/2018 by Linda Vaughan

"I love decorating with natural looking things. I put the head of my squirrel going into the hole of a birdhouse. Looks great!"

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Hedgehog (3341) Hedgehog (3341)
Submitted 05/15/2018 by Belle Durrell

"Received the lovely hedgehog quicker than expected! Although I submitted the order just in time for a possible arrival for a family's birthday gift, I asked if they could ship it as soon as possible so it would be sure to arrive in time. They sent it out same day! I have been delighted with customer service experience and the quality of the Hansa plush animals both! I have not found better quality plush animals--they are well made and realistic with cuteness about them too. Will definitely purchase from Hansa again!"

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Armadillo Mini Series (5798) Armadillo Mini Series (5798)
Submitted 05/15/2018 by Janice Larsen

"LOVE!!! Very Detailed! So real looking!!!!!"

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Cat, Black & White (4221) Cat, Black & White (4221)
Submitted 05/15/2018 by Marian Siegel

"If it had a soul, this would be a live animal- Totally life like - it is amazing that this was a stuffed animal and ceainly not a toy."

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Fox, Gray (4700) Fox, Gray (4700)
Submitted 05/12/2018 by scott kemler

"Awesome fox! I love foxes, and this girl Is fun to have on my computer desk at work. It looks better in person than the online image. Pleased with the quality. Love the bushy tail. Does have whiskers on muzzle. Faux fur is high quality, almost fooled me thinking it was real."

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Squirrel, Brown with nut (3745) Squirrel, Brown with nut (3745)
Submitted 05/12/2018 by scott kemler

"High quality and realistic. Another fun addition to my collection. The squirrel has the nut sewn to his forepaws and his mouth. I did brush the tail when I got him as the black airbrushing stripes were heavy and had matted some fur down. But with gentle brushing it fluffed up nicely."

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Jackalope (5009) Jackalope (5009)
Submitted 05/12/2018 by scott kemler

"A fun addition to my collection. Cute little rabbit! Antlers can be repositioned a little but be gentle with it. A lot of detail is hidden in this guy."

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Brushtail Possum 11" (6219) Brushtail Possum 11" (6219)
Submitted 05/12/2018 by scott kemler

"Again, nicely made! Good detail in the face. Like the long tail. My first marsupial."

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Ferret, Brown (4556) Ferret, Brown (4556)
Submitted 05/12/2018 by scott kemler

"Nicely made! It has a wire frame to the point where you can position it's feet and arms. Nice face. Very cuddly. Pink airbrushing on muzzle ads to effect."

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