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Hyena (4928) Hyena (4928)
Submitted 02/04/2023 by A.A.

"Amazing quality! The look, the feel, everything is spot on. Eyes are expressive and it really does look true to life. I never thought I would find such a perfect plush of my favorite animal, but here we are. I'm very satisfied with my hyena. :) "

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Elephant, Baby (2967) Elephant, Baby (2967)
Submitted 02/02/2023 by Dierdra Smith

"Very cute!!!"

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Philippine Eagle (7368) Philippine Eagle (7368)
Submitted 01/20/2023 by Brian Wilson

"Looks great perched atop a cabinet in my classroom. The feathers around the face look true to the real bird."

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Lamb Puppet (7340) Lamb Puppet (7340)
Submitted 01/15/2023 by Susan Myers

"So cute and real looking because it has superior professional construction. I gave this to a friend for a Christmas gift but will probably order one for myself very soon. "

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Elephant Puppet 9" (4040) Elephant Puppet 9" (4040)
Submitted 01/15/2023 by Susan Myers

"Because I love elephants, I purchased this little fellow for my own display and enjoyment. So well made, as all Hansa products which I have selected fall aptly in line. "

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Lion Puppet 11" (4041) Lion Puppet 11" (4041)
Submitted 01/15/2023 by Susan Myers

"Surreal quality construction of this precious Lion Puppet. Love the whiskers and paws and the facial expression. I purchased one for a Christmas gift and returned to purchase one for myself."

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French Bulldog Beige 10" (6597) French Bulldog Beige 10" (6597)
Submitted 01/14/2023 by Cassidy Irvin

"This is one of my favorite stuffed animals this French bulldog is very lifelike and has a very expressive face and I couldn’t be even more happier than I have some amazing hansa stuffed animals at my home and all of them are best I ever had I’ve give hansa Five stars"

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Pomeranian Dog (Black/White) 14" (8043) Pomeranian Dog (Black/White) 14" (8043)
Submitted 01/02/2023 by Darya

"My daughter loves Pomeranians, and this one is very cute and looks so realistic! It is very fluffy and huggable. "

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Chihuahua with Red Shirt 9.5" (7551) Chihuahua with Red Shirt 9.5" (7551)
Submitted 01/02/2023 by Darya

"The chihuahua is well made, with realistic details. I like that it can stand on its own, and my daughter enjoys pretending to walk it with the leash."

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Guinea Pig Grey and White 9'' (4392) Guinea Pig Grey and White 9'' (4392)
Submitted 01/02/2023 by Darya

"I ordered the grey guinea pig for my daughter, who had a pet guinea pig in her preschool classroom. The toy is very lifelike, with soft fur. It is the perfect size to snuggle, and has become a favorite companion. "

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